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We have been using Unreal Engine since 2007 and we love it.

Unreal Engine 4 is an incredibly powerful game engine that comes with a large set of tools and editors right out of the box. It allows for the creation of visually stunning experiences. The engine is platform agnostic and has the latest VR SDK’s built-in. Besides using it in our development, we also teach Unreal Engine 4 in various professional education and training programs.

Unity is quite alright

We use Unity for our more light-weight VR projects.

It’s quick to get things up and running in Unity and it’s great for prototyping too. We usually use it for 360 photo/video VR projects, but it’s also suitable for full-fledged interative 3D experiences. It has built-in support for all major VR platforms.

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We have been using 3ds Max for more than 10 years.

Max is our 3d modeling and animating program of choice, we use it to create most of our 3D objects, from small items to buildings and cities, but also for stylised creatures and characters. We have a very thorough understanding of the pipeline of creating and optimizing models for real-time rendering (videogames, simulations).

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To create organic 3D shapes, we use ZBrush.

When it comes to creating character models, highly detailed creatures or natural, organic shapes, ZBrush is our weapon of choice. After a process of meticulous scuplting we use various topology optimalisation tools and get the models game-engine ready.

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