Software Engineer, Games and Virtual Reality – December 2017

Mimicry is looking for a software engineer to join our team currently working on internal and external mobile and desktop-class virtual reality projects.
You will be responsible for working on one or more systems; including AI, mission, object interaction, skills, gameplay, tools, and multiplayer systems. You will actively participate in the design and production of our VR games and applications. This virtual reality job will put you in a highly iterative work environment. Play, game and interaction features are refined over the development cycle, in response to internal and external playtesting.  
Our software engineers have an intrinsic understanding of what makes a game fun and the analytical mind to break that down into its constituent parts. They experiment with game design and use rapid prototyping, yet have the engineering background to make strong architectural and algorithmic decisions. If you have a game designer’s creativity, the skills of an engineer and a passion for virtual reality, then we’d like to hear from you.

You will be responsible for the following

  • Using your engineering background to make strong architectural and algorithmic decisions, balanced with game design abilities to make leading edge VR games and interactive experiences.
  • Participating in building a fun, balanced VR experience as part of a multi-disciplinary team. Working and iterating with designers to create new gameplay and interaction systems using object oriented programming (C++, JavaScript) in addition to a common visual scripting language (Blueprints for UE4).
  • Participating in the development of on one or more gameplay systems including (but not limited to): mission, skills, AI, object interaction, in-game building, PVP or multiplayer.
  • Providing gameplay tools and editor support.
  • Experiment with game design and use rapid prototyping while ensuring that strong architectural and algorithmic decisions are made.
  • Using game design sensibilities through rapid prototyping to build gameplay and interactive systems that will enhance the VR experience.
  • Working collaboratively with the team to determine overall design sensibilities for VR projects.

The ideal candidate has a mix of the following qualifications

  • Passionate about virtual reality, games and game programming.
  • Understanding the dynamics of the (independent) game industry and the nature of working for a small and young game studio.
  • Experience working in a team environment, fluent in English and excellent communication skills.
  • Experience developing games or demonstrable game development experience using Unreal Engine and/or Unity.
  • Strong C++ and JavaScript skills with the ability to code and architect gameplay, interaction mechanics and tools, along with a good understanding of programming best practices.
  • High quality standard for personal code.
  • Basic understanding of algorithms, performance and optimization. BS (or higher) in Computer Science or similar discipline (Physics, Math, EE, etc.).
  • Well versed in games with the ability to articulate what is strong/weak about the design of existing games.
  • Experience with visual programming; such as Kismet or Blueprints.
  • A keen analytical mind with excellent math and problem solving skills.
  • Enjoy working in a small team where you are responsible for multiple systems.
  • Experience working closely with other programmers and designers in an environment where the best idea wins.
  • A game designer’s creativity.
  • Familiarity with Unreal Engine 3 and/or 4 so that you’re able to hit the ground running on day one and help where needed.


Job Type:
Temporary Booking (possible future extension)
3 months (initial period)
Starting date:
December 2017/January 2018
Coimbra, Portugal
Dependent on experience
Apply until:

If you’d like to be part of building visually stunning and highly engaging VR we’d love to hear from you.