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Challenge: Make a VR creativity tool that allows for painting in 3D space using virtual reality motion controllers or the mouse in the social virtual reality platform High Fidelity.

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Client: High Fidelity, Inc.

high fidelity

Unleash your creativity in virtual reality

You can paint, erase, select colors, brushes, stamps, and effects in FingerPaint.
Go make some magic!

Finerpaint high fidelity start
Fingerpaint choose color
select a brush
paint purpl
stars in fingerpaint
painting yellow stars
fingerpaint hearts
fingerpaint help

Client: High Fidelity

High Fidelity was founded in April 2013 by Second Life founder and former CEO Philip Rosedale, Ryan Downe, and Freidrica Heiberger. The company was formed to create a next-generation social virtual reality platform. High Fidelity Inc. raised 2.4 million dollars in early 2013, led by True Ventures and Google Ventures. In 2015, High Fidelity raised an additional 11 million dollars from Vulcan Capital, and in December 2016, it raised another 22 million dollars in an investment round let by IDG Capital and Breyer Capital.

Rift & Vive

It supports the Oculus Rift, including Oculus Touch controllers, and the HTC Vive, including HTC Vive Trackers.


High Fidelity provides a social virtual reality platform for users to create and deploy virtual worlds, and explore and interact together in them.
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