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Google Daydream

The spiritual successor of Google Cardboard; Daydream, focuses on high-end mobile virtual reality. The headset, named Daydream View, breathes comfort and comes bundled with the Daydream controller.

Daydream view and controller

Limited compatibility

Only works with so-called Daydream-ready Android phones, built for VR with high-resolution displays, powerful graphics and high-fidelity sensors.


Daydream is Google’s new upcoming VR platform (Fall 2016) for high quality mobile virtual reality.

What sets it apart?

The main differentiator of Daydream is not necessarily its pajama-like, lounge wear design, but rather the inclusion of the Daydream controller. It’s a gesture controller, comparable to Nintendo’s WiiMote, but much more simple. It allows for motion and movement tracking and volume control. And because it comes bundled with every headset, it guarantees a baseline input method for the platform.

Daydream controller

Gesture controller

Every Daydream viewer comes bundled with a 3 degrees of freedom gesture controller, allowing for very interesting forms of interaction.


The gesture controller works especially well as a handheld tool or instrument in VR.
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