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Saying goodbye is never easy. But what does Leaving mean to you?

Leaving is a short-form interactive drama for iPad.

Poetic. Experiential. Ambiguous.

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In this poetically charged artistic game, experience those last few precious moments of a familiar space and time, before that final moment when you step away and turn to face the unknown.

Friendly to non-gamers and unique to the platform.

- Carefully crafted interactive drama about self-reflection.

Inspired by the reflective poetry of Antonio Machado.



“The melancholy of travel, in the palms of your hands.”
Pippin Barr, Game Maker (The Artist Is Present)
“Leaving is what Ian Bogost calls a provocation-machine.”
Tommy Rousse, Games Scholar (ludist.com)
“A carefully crafted experience.”
Simon Maurer, Games Student
youtube film
youtube film

Leaving: A tale of wandering & goodbyes

In the role of Willem, the player transits through a three act sequence with loved ones, before experiencing that final moment of Leaving. It was designed and developed following an artistic ideology that can be characterized by being poetic, realtime 3d, experiential, beautiful, inclusive and ambiguous.

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What people say about Leaving

‘A very unique form of storytelling’
It really triggered my curiosity!
Anette Hiltunen, Product Designer
‘Surprisingly accurate’
Leaving a country, a loved one or a familiar environment: This is exactly what it feels like.
Achim Wache, Student
‘A game-poem that allows players to explore a system to create meaning and speculate on the world around them.’
Leaving is what Ian Bogost calls a provocation-machine.
Tommy Rousse, Games Scholar (ludist.com)
‘Leaving is about saying goodbye to the life you love, so that you can live the life you dream of.’
A carefully crafted experience.
Simon Maurer, Games Student
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