Mimicry Games
Based in the Netherlands
Secondary office in Denmark

Founding date:
July 26, 2012


Press / Business Contact:


Leaving (released 21/2/2013)

Netherlands office: 
(principal place of business)

Mimicry Games
Alberikpad 10
3833BV Leusden

Chamber of Commerce nr:

Denmark office:
Mimicry Games
Svanemøllevej 88
2900 Hellerup

Central Business Register nr:

NL: +31 619451840
DK: +45 26412938

About Mimicry Games

Thomas J. Papa is the artistic game designer operating under the name of Mimicry Games, an independent game studio with offices in the Netherlands and Denmark. Mimicry Games explores the bleeding edge of experiential game design in its first artistic title for the iOS platform. It searches for beauty, originality in design and above all, intellectually challenging thought provoking experiences.


Mimicry games was founded in July 2012 by Thomas J. Papa, an artist who has devoted his life to exploring the bleeding edge of games. And thank the gods for that, because on the budget of a Game Masters student, he has had to rely on his wits to wine and dine creative talent to help this beautiful experiential game to take flight. Plus he is also super charming which helps. 
He is a talented, experienced indie game developer who has left home often, having studied extensively in Holland, Japan and the USA. He is currently pursuing his MSc in Game Analysis at ITU Copenhagen, Denmark.
“The idea behind Leaving came up when I was an international student in Japan, an experience that raised many questions in me. It is around these questions that the game was developed. The most notable being: how do I balance my life between possibilities and assurances?”.
“During the concept development I was introduced to a famous poem by Antonio Machado. After having read his words, which truly captured the feeling of what I wanted to convey, the game just -had- to revolve around it”.

Platform & Release

  • Leaving, Mimicry Games's début title, is made for iPad.
  • Supported devices: iPad 2 and up.
  • Leaving is now available on the App Store.